Video is a fantastic way to remember your wedding day and be able to relive it whenever you want, but you should want more than just moving images of the people involved. You should want to hear people’s thoughts, feelings, and how they sound on the big day. With video interviews you add a whole extra level of awesome to your wedding memories.

Keep reading to learn more about getting the perfect wedding interviews, and why they should be so important to your wedding day video.

Good Interview Setup

You want to start by making sure that you are getting your interviews recorded in a nice, quiet area. This can be hard to find on the wedding day, as there is so much preparing going on, but it is vital to the success of the video. There is nothing worse than a heartfelt interview (possibly with some crying), but it is barely audible because of the hum of an air conditioner or cars driving by on the highway.

If the videographer isn’t paying attention to make sure that you and your bridal party can be heard, just give a quick listen and try to hear for things that may be distracting to the video.

You also want to make sure there is a good backdrop and lighting. Even if your videographer doesn’t carry lighting around with them, you can still make sure that you are in a well-lit area of the church, or outside in some good natural lighting. As for the backdrop, you don’t want a pole sticking out of your head (in the background) or a really ugly wall. Try and find some greenery or a nice patterned wall.

Also, you will want to designate a specific area for interviews, and just knock them out of the park! Once you have a nice quiet location with good lighting, there isn’t much point in the videographer moving around constantly trying to find the perfect location for every interview. Having a designated spot also helps motivate your wedding party to talk, as they don’t have to hunt the videographer down, and they can give their interview when they are ready.

Lastly, get the interviews pre-wedding if at all possible. People usually have more downtime during this time when they are not getting pictures taken, and even if they say they will do the interview later when they have some time to think about what they want to say (and possibly get a few drinks in them), they will either forget or avoid the videographer altogether. If they do find the videographer later at the reception, it is hard to find a nice, quiet area as the music will be blasting, often heard from a long range away. Stick to the pre-wedding hours and you should get the best interviews! Plus, for the bride and groom you get the pre-wedding jitters interviews, which show really sweet and genuine feelings that are great for the camera.

Things Interviewees Should Share

Wedding Video Interviews

Sometimes you can have a set list of questions to have your videographer ask the people in your wedding party, but other times you can just give them a simple prompt. I like to just ask people to say how they are feeling about the couple and the wedding day, how they met the couple, etc. It takes people a little longer to think of something, but it usually leads to more fluid answers that work better for the video than just choppy answers to many questions. This also gets the whole interview out in one go, saving more time to get more interviews from others in the wedding.

Your bridesmaids and groomsmen should always be speaking from the heart. If things are forced, looking back on the interviews won’t be as much fun. For the bride and groom, I ask them to say something from the heart about the other person that they can see later. It is a nice little hidden message that they can look forward to seeing once they get their DVDs. I get these interviews pre-wedding if possible, as mentioned above, to show the wedding day jitters and nerves, which brings out a more genuine message.

People often talk about childhood stories, embarrassing stories, give general congratulations, and thank the couple for letting them be a part of their big day. Your videographer should clear any embarrassing interviews with you before using them for public advertising. Some couples roll with it, and others like to keep the more embarrassing stories to themselves. The choice is yours.

Who You Should Get on Camera


Okay, not everyone. But you should get your entire wedding party at a minimum. Sure some of them won’t want to talk to the camera, but odds are that if you are reading this article then you are the bride, and people pretty much have to do what you say on your wedding day.

If they are nervous, they can take a little time to compose their thoughts, or maybe even do a group interview. These usually turn out a little more rowdy and disorganized, but at least you got them on camera.

Next, I would make sure that the parents are saying something to the camera. While your parents will be involved a lot in your wedding day, and most of them involved in the events in one form or another, it is still nice to have everyone up close and personal to the camera so you can look back and see what they had to say about your on your wedding day.

Lastly, I would try to get grandparents to say something to the camera. Grandparents are some of the hardest people to get on camera, but sadly they will not be with us forever, and if you can get them to say something to the camera on your wedding day, that is a priceless memory you cannot replace. I lost my grandpa within a year after my wedding, and not only did I happen to not get a picture with him, but he was barely on camera as well. It would have been wonderful to have some footage to look back on. Don’t miss out on your opportunity for this. Trust me.

If you really want to capture great memories from your wedding day, then getting interviews is the way to go.
If you can’t afford a videographer in your budget, send someone around with their cellphone to capture people’s thoughts and feelings on the day. You will be glad you have it later.

If you are planning on getting a videographer, you may want to check out our post on using a good wedding video shot list to get the most out of your wedding video. If you are crunched for time you can skip the article and download the list below.