Reader Question: “Is it better to prepare most of the wedding by yourself, or is it better to hire a professional?”

The answer is yes.

Not only have I been married myself and know that it goes very quickly, but I have had a bride come up to me a straight up say that you never realize how much you miss until its over. You may think that if you are doing wedding activities from 9am to 9pm that 12 hours is a lot of time to soak it all in. This question came to us from our reader Kristen, who downloaded our Wedding Videography Checklist.

Kristen, as well as other readers, here are some things to consider:

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Time Flies When You’re Having Fun

Your wedding is one of the best days of your life, and as such you are going to be having a lot of fun most of the day. Think back to other times when you have been anticipating something, and then the day comes and it’s gone in a flash. Your wedding day is like that, times 12.

You will be getting ready, talking with your bridesmaids, getting married, possibly going on a party bus or other form of transportation in between, taking photos, eating (FINALLY!), doing formal dances, eating cake, party dancing, and eventually dropping from near exhaustion at the end of the day. Beings as you can’t say all of that in one breath, you are going to be BUSY. And busy means time goes by quickly.

The Part That Does Go Slow

The only part of your day that may feel like it is going slow is the 30-60 minutes before your ceremony actually starts. You are likely nervous, if not from the lifelong commitment, then at least from being up in front of 100+ people and speaking lines. It’s like the last 10 minutes before the bell before summer break. It goes in slow motion.

Before this point, you are rushing and worrying if everything will be ready on time. After the ceremony you are on the downhill slide to the end of the night as you are in a constant rush of things to do, people to see, and fun to be had.

Given the fact that most of your wedding day will go fast, there are some things you can do to help soak it in and increase the holding power of the feelings of the day.

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What You Can Do To Maximize Wedding Day Enjoyment

  1. You will obviously hire a photographer for your wedding day.The fact that your wedding day goes by fast is why people hire a photographer to begin with. Photographers can capture moments in time that you can look back on, and your brain will jumpstart some old memories you may not remember without that visual aide to trigger them.
  2. Hire a videographer.
    I say that because I have heard of a lot of people saying 1 thing they regret about their wedding is not hiring a videographer. Photos are great, but video captures the true events as they happen. It shows you what people were saying, how people were moving and interacting, and also everyone’s stellar dance moves.
    Not only that, but it can show you a moving form of some things you may have missed from being so busy.
  3. Take a deep breath.
    When it crosses your mind, take a moment and take in every detail of what is around you.
    The sounds. The smells. The taste of the food.
    The touch of your partner’s hands.
    Taking a moment and registering that this moment is actually happening is one of the most powerful ways to create staying power on your wedding day. Some officiants even tell you to take a moment during the ceremony, look into your partner’s eyes, and take it all in.
    These pauses are not only crucial to enjoying the day and slowing it down, but the more details you take in, the better your memories will be when they are triggered by that wedding photo or video.
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