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Many people will tell you not to do it. Many will say that it is so corny that she is bound to say “No”.

I am here to say that proposing on Valentine’s day doesn’t have to be the disaster of a cliché that it has been made out to be.

I should know, I did it myself, and I have to say the proposal turned out to be pretty damn cute!

Needless to say, I never became an animator, but it’s the thought that counts.

Now that we know that Valentine’s Day Proposals can work, we need to outline some steps on how to make them work. There is a fine line between sweet and corny, and a misread signal that she may say “Yes” if you ask, can ruin the entire day.

Here are 5 tips to setting up a good proposal on Valentine’s Day

The Proposal Has to be Separate From Valentine’s Day

wedding engagement on Valentine's DayYou spent enough on the ring, so you shouldn’t have to do anything for Valentine’s specifically right?


I know how expensive rings can be, but Valentine’s Day is a whole separate event from the proposal. Make sure you still get her flowers, treats, and maybe a small gift.

I got my wife flowers, chocolate, and a Blu-Ray she had been wanting. I gave it to her after the proposal so she knew that I still recognized what day it was.

You can also use the day’s festivities to get her in a more romantic mood and give her the gifts, dinner, etc., first.

Pay Attention Early

Romantic Valentine's ProposalJust because you are choosing a romantic day to propose, doesn’t mean you can cash it in on the thought put into your proposal.

I put a lot of thought and effort into my proposal shown in the video above. The panda was the first gift I had ever given my wife when we were dating. I made it at a Noah’s Ark stuffed animal workshop they had at the college, complete with birth certificate and all. Being as I was an animation major, I used my unique skills to incorporate into the proposal. I left a note on the door for her to go to the computer and hit play.

I used elements of our past together to create a personal and unique experience. I also didn’t let the animation do the asking for me.

NEVER let someone or something else ask for you. No phone calls. No texting. Ask in person or don’t ask at all!

Think of how your relationship started. What symbolism would bring the dating portion of your life to a beautiful climax?

What unique skills do you possess that will make the proposal original, or at least not as overdone as the exclusive restaurant reservation and the ring in the wine glass?

Hopefully this is the only time you will propose in your life. Make it special. Make it count.

Don’t Create A Pressured Situation

Valentine's DayWhile Valentine’s can be beautiful, romantic, and perfect, it can also be beautiful, romantic, and perfect.

What do I mean by that?

The things that make the day special can also make them a high pressure situation that can cause a forced “Yes” or an embarrassing “No”.

Dinner in a popular, yet exclusive restaurant? Romantic!

Dinner in a popular, exclusive restaurant with 100 prying eyes the moment you bend down on one knee? Possibly a disaster.

Being in any public place when you propose creates a tense, high-pressure situation that puts you both on the spot.

The best thing is the be in a relaxed setting where you are both comfortable. The combined elements of Valentine’s Day and a life-changing decision are a powerful combination. Tread lightly when using them together.

Suggestions for Low-Pressure Proposals

  • Don’t propose in public.
  • Don’t propose during the Valentine’s Day festivities/surprises.
  • Drop some vague hints throughout the day or night so it is half-expected when it happens (confirming her beliefs will still make it surprising and special).
  • Alert families before-hand about what you plan to do so they also don’t have adverse reactions after-the-fact.

Don’t Get Caught-Up In the Moment

Engaged on Valentine's DayGoing along with avoiding pressure-ridden situations, don’t get caught up in the moment yourself.

After a long romantic day with your loved one, you may feel the urge to propose on the spot.

If you haven’t been planning in advance, avoid the temptation to propose. You have to remember that this is a huge, life-changing decision that cannot be taken lightly, or entered into on-the-spot.

If you feel the urge, swallow your words and see if you feel the same way in a few days or even a week. Valentine’s Day isn’t the end-all be-all day to propose. You can use your feelings from the day as inspiration to come up with a proper proposal on the next meaningful day to the both of you.

Capture Your Day on Video or Film

Capture your valentine's day proposalIf you are doing a Valentine’s Day proposal right, odds are you put a lot of thought and hard work into your proposal.

Be sure to capture the moment with video or even photos.

This will be a fantastic keepsake for the both of you to look back on throughout your wedding planning on into the rest of your lives.

I rigged my living room with 3 or 4 different video cameras to get every angle I could. I was then able to put the footage together in a way that made sense in Adobe Premiere.

You don’t have to have a whole setup rigged and ready to go, nor do you have to hire professionals (although it helps). You can simply have your best friend or brother hiding in the bushes with a cell phone camera either taking photos or video. Just make sure you have enough storage space to get everything.

Do you have any other ideas for making the perfect Valentine’s Day Proposal happen?

Is Valentine’s Day too cliché for you?

We would LOVE to hear from you! Sound off in the comments below! I will check back often to join in the conversation!

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