Always Have A Wedding Day Plan

A wedding day without a plan is more likely to go off the tracks, along with your sanity. Be prepared and make a plan.

Easier Said Than Done?

Most people haven’t been to a ton of weddings in their lives, and may not know how to plan the day of.

It may be easy to think that you can whip the perfect schedule out of thin air, but once you get down to it, you realize that you have to coordinate times with your bridal party, the hair stylist, the makeup person, the officiant, the DJ, the photographer, the videographer, the caterer, the venue, the reception hall, AND your 2nd cousin who is providing her adorable little princess to be your flower girl.


How can you schedule all of this and still have enough sanity left to enjoy your wedding day?


4 Quick Tips For Scheduling Your Wedding Day

1. The Photographer is key

Unfortunately for us videographers, the photographer is the person who runs the show until the reception, and even then has a lot of say in how that goes as well.

Determine how many hours you have the photographer booked for, and go from there. If they are booked for 10 hours and your reception starts at 4, figure that the reception events will take up the first 3 hours of of the night.

Going back from there, you can see their time will end at 7, so they will start at 9 in the morning.

Want them to photograph you getting your hair done?

I guess you have a hair appointment starting at 9, now don’t you?

2. Plan to Start Late

This point makes most wedding planners cringe.

In my experience it is the way of life in weddings and it doesn’t mean the whole day is ruined or the end of the world has come.

It is a rare occasion that I work or attend a wedding that starts on time.

Budget for at least a half-an-hour delay in your schedule at any given point. You are coordinating a lot of people here! Not everyone will cooperate perfectly.

Even your gracious walk down the aisle will probably be at least 5-10 minutes late.

Just take a deep breath and remember that everyone is here for you, and you are marrying the love of your life.

An on-time wedding schedule is just a bonus.

3. Get A Bossy Bessy to Run the Show

What helps tremendously is to hire a bossy photographer, or have your outgoing, harsh cousin Marsha be your wedding attendant.

Having someone who likes to bark orders, and doesn’t care what people think about them when they do is key to keeping people in line and on time.

You may need to swallow your pride a few times when you are causing the delays, because even the bride isn’t off limits when it comes to this person keeping the day on track.

They are here to keep people in line and your day on schedule.

When you don’t have to dole out an extra $500 to your wedding vendors to stay an extra hour because you are running late, you will be thankful you put them in charge of the schedule.

4. Use A Guide to Plan Your Wedding Day Itinerary

I have the guide for you!

Being a videographer who has filmed over 50 weddings and attended multiple others, including my own, I have some experience in what works well in wedding day schedules and what doesn’t.

That being said, we here at Rehash Weddings (Rehash Media) have developed a guide that will walk you through scheduling your wedding day itinerary.

In the guide we touch on how to choose a good start time, define what different reception events there are and about how long they take, and overall how to make your day run smoothly.

You can get the digital download of the wedding day guide now for $3.

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Tune in tomorrow for Day 4, and learn about getting a guide to save your sanity!