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Having (probably) never gotten married before, the whole ritual of the cake cutting may be something completely new to you. There are two utensils that you don’t use on a daily basis, a large cake with multiple layers in front of you, and a room full of people staring and taking pictures.

There have been a large number of weddings that I have filmed where the photographer or myself has had to explain the process to the confused couple. If you are one of these confused couples, then this guide is for you!

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Cake Cutting Demystified

Step 1: Know the difference between the cake knife and the cake server. This may seem like it would be obvious, but some sets, like the one pictured on this page, make it confusing as they are roughly the same size and both have tapered edges that look like they can cut cake. The cake knife will always be the skinnier of the two (if even by a little) and the server should come to some kind of point at the end (even if it’s not that pointy).

Step 2: Grab the cake knife. Generally the groom holds the knife and the bride places her hand on top of his, but this can work just as well the other way around.

Step 3: With the couple each having 1 hand on the knife, cut two cuts (1 piece) out of the top layer of the cake. Pull the knife slowly out of the cake and set it aside.

Cut Cutting Utensils

Step 4: While 1 partner grabs the cake server, the other should grab a small plate and some napkins. The partner with the cake server should slowly remove the cut piece of cake and place it on the plate.

Step 5: Set the plate down and break off two smaller pieces of cake. Each partner should take 1 piece in their hand. It works best if you both use the same hand so you will be on opposite sides when going to feed each other.

*Note: Only complete Step 6 if you want to spend your first night married sleeping on the couch in the hotel suite.

Step 7: Politely feed your partner cake. Again, make sure there are napkins nearby. If you do plan to smash it in each other’s faces, it is a good idea to discuss this before hand so you are both well aware of what is coming.

Step 8: Kiss. Make sure you do a longer kiss so your photographer and videographer get their shots.

Step 9: Make sure you save the top layer (or at least a couple of pieces) of your wedding cake for your 1 year anniversary. Eating your wedding cake on the 1st anniversary is a tradition. Make sure it is in an airtight container or it will dry out and get freezer burnt. Store anniversary cake in a freezer.

Step 10: Turn towards the audience, pose for more pictures, clean yourself off, and continue on with the rest of the party!

How Does Year-Old Wedding Cake Taste?

Not that bad actually. Way better than you might think!

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