Skipping the obvious wedding night activities, what are some things that you can do once your long day of wedded bliss has come to an end?

Odds are the day was long, fun, and somewhat stressful.

It has gone by in a blur and you are left at the tail end of it sitting there in your car outside the wedding venue, dumbfounded that everything has passed by so quickly. It helps to do a little unwinding when it’s all said and done, and take a moment (or longer) to soak in the reality of all that has happened.

Here are 5 things that you can do on your wedding night to unwind.

Non-Traditional Wedding Night Activities

Go For A Swim

Wedding Night swim
Chances are you are staying at a hotel on your wedding night.

Odds are also that the hotel has a pool.

This is something my wife and I did. We showed up at the hotel in our full wedding attire to much congratulations from the desk clerk and the few random patrons roaming the hallways.

When my wife asked the desk clerk if the pool was still open, the guy looked at us like we were insane. After a quick change into swim suits we were back at the front desk asking directions to the pool. The guy smirked as he pointed us off down the hall. I’m sure it made his night, and it’s still a fun story for us to tell.

For it being so late, the pool was empty and was just a nice, quiet time for us to reflect on the day. It was a cool bonus that it was an indoor/outdoor pool that we could swim out and look at the sky. The point is, take some time to do something relaxing to reflect on the fact that “Wow, did we really just get married? And it’s over already?”

This was a huge, life changing day. Take some time to reflect on how your life has now changed, and maybe even have a little discussion on what you are envisioning for the future.

It is really a great way to cap off your wedding night.

Get Some Good Food

wedding food
Being a long day where everyone is constantly vying for your attention, plus the fact that your stomach was probably in knots all day from not only getting married, but being in front of 200+ people all day, your wedding day can be an occasion where you don’t eat properly all day.

Take some time to re-energize and get some good food.

Hotels usually have restaurants near them that are open late, or if you want to get on with the rest of your night, you can even hit a quick drive-through for your favorite burger.

Whatever the case may be, you have been on your feet talking to people all day and need some sustenance to top off the night right. Plus you get another opportunity for people in public to see you in your wedding gear.

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Go Out For A Drink

Wedding Night wine
Not done partying?

Go out for a drink with your new spouse. It can be an intimate drink, after you have changed into something more comfortable, to serve as a nightcap, or a drink at a happening bar fully decked out in all of your wedding attire to draw attention to yourselves and get free drinks.

I would suggest the former option and enjoy some relaxed alone time with your spouse, out for the first time in public as a wedded couple.

Go Laser Bowling

bowling wedding
Got a wedding party that doesn’t want to stop partying either?

Take the gang out to a bowling alley for some midnight laser bowling. Laser bowling is a party atmosphere with loud music, funky lights, and lots of time for conversation and fun.

The kitchen at the bowling alley likely serves alcohol and food this late, so there are plenty of options to keep partying, get your fill, and send your wedding night out in style.

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Count Your Cash

wedding money gifts
Gifts, dollar dance, a friendly uncle slipping you a check while he greets you at the head table.

When you leave your wedding, you will be loaded down with cash. Obviously don’t attract attention to yourself while out in public, as savvy thieves may realize this and ruin your wedding night.

Let someone else take the gifts. Stash your cash and checks in your suitcase (not still in your wedding card cage), and head up to your hotel room. Pull out the notepad and pen from the bedside nightstand and one of you take notes on who gave you what amounts.

This isn’t to see who loves you more, but to count your money while seeing who to send thank you cards to.

Count your cash.

Open your check envelopes.

Count how you did.

Obviously take time to read the cards, because people were thinking of you when they bought them, and some probably left personalized messages in them for you. If you have a check-cashing app on your phone, you can also cash the checks as you count them so the money will be processed and ready to spend by the time your plane lands for your honeymoon.

Remember that the wedding was for both you and your spouse, so checks are likely to be addressed to both of you. You both will most likely need to sign most of the checks or they won’t go through. The only ones that will go through are the ones that say “OR”.

If it is addressed to you “AND” your new spouse, both of you are required to sign. This is a fun activity where you get to see your spouse’s name next to yours in your second legal transaction as a married couple (hopefully you both remembered to sign the marriage license earlier).

I may have made the mistake of not having my wife sign, and got several rejected checks back from the bank requiring her signature.

I’m sure that there are plenty of other, non-obvious, ways to unwind and enjoy the time after your wedding that I missed. If you have done, or plan on doing anything, sound off in the comments below!