Feel like you have a million thoughts about planning your wedding running around you mind.

Make a wedding to-do list to organize your life!

Make a Wedding To-do List

I make lists for everything.

If it is in my mind as something I should do that will improve my life or really needs done, I jot it down in a list. This keeps me productive, focused, and happy.

With everything going on in today’s world, you are sure to forget some of the great thoughts you have. You do not want something that will make your wedding perfect to be remembered only when you are experiencing your wedding day!

My wedding to-do list was really long, but it kept me organized and on track!

List Mundane Tasks and Original Thoughts

Lists don’t have to just be for off-the-wall ideas for your wedding either.

Listing mundane tasks down on paper can help you organize the chaos inside your brain. You will feel better knowing that you won’t forget anything.

The problem with paper lists is that they can get lost. It may be a good idea to keep your lists in an app that is connected to the cloud. That way you can make lists wherever you are on your phone, but even if you lose your phone you will still have the list in the cloud that can be accessed from other devices.

Services that would work well for this are Google Docs and Microsoft OneNote. Unless you already have OneNote in your Microsoft Suite, I would probably stick with Google Docs since it is free.

For a detailed list and analysis of the different note-taking tools out there, please check out this helpful guide from the folks over at Cloudwards.

When I keep notes in my phone, I tend to forget they are there. A piece of paper on my desk is annoying. If I want the paper gone, I need to complete the list! If you don’t constantly look at your phone, I would try to stick with paper lists, and keep track of the paper.

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I hope that this tip was useful to you. If you have any other suggestions for how to keep track of your wedding to-dos, sound off in the comments below.

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Tune in tomorrow for Day 10, and learn about the best way to preserve your wedding memories.