Overwhelmed by the amount of items on your wedding checklist?

Do yourself a favor and tackle the larger items first.


Isn’t It Better to Vary Large & Small Wedding Tasks?


If you tackle some of the larger items on your wedding checklist first, then everything else will fall into place easier, and you will feel less wedding stress and jitters as your wedding day approaches.

I liken this to when I am doing the dishes. If there is a large pot in the way of getting to other dishes, I wash it first. Then, if the large pot is blocking the faucet, I always rinse that pot first as well to get it out of the way and clear space to be able to better rinse the rest of the dishes.

The same holds true for your wedding checklist.

Do your guest list first.

It sounds like a ghastly task, but then you can complete other large items like booking a venue, photographer, videographer, DJ, florist, and baker.

As mentioned yesterday, many of these vendors book up to a year or more in advance. Save yourself the heartache and stress and get these tasks done early.

Checking all of this off the list early means you can then focus on decorations, schedule, centerpieces, and even your vows. Once you get big items off the list, your momentum in wedding planning will be unstoppable!


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