Worried about scheduling your reception events?

Don’t be!


Your DJ Knows What to Do

Odds are that this isn’t your DJ’s first rodeo.

They will know the ins and outs of receptions.

It is, after all, their job to work the crowd, so they know how to keep things moving at a good pace.

A DJ is to a reception what a photographer should be to the first part of the day. The know-it-all guide who can keep things on pace.

I have been to weddings where the DJ had a strict time schedule from the couple to follow, and usually it either meant that there was a huge gap of nothing before dinner and guests started getting mad, or the events were spread out too far throughout the night, and by the time they get to the dollar dance around 9PM, everyone is already gone, and you get about $3.

Better than nothing, but still not good enough.



Your Job Is To Have Fun

When I arrive to film a wedding, the DJ usually asks the photographer and I when we have to leave by. We tell them how long we have been hired for, and they make sure to work the events into that amount of time, if possible.

Now I know that may seem rushed, and not fair to the couple who may want things more spread out, but trust me, it always makes for a better organized reception and happier wedding guests.

Your job at the reception should be to give the DJ a list of events your want to do, have fun, and listen for your name when your event comes up.

That’s it!

It’s your day! Eat, drink, and enjoy!


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