The Perks of a Wedding Website

A wedding website is a great way for you to put your wedding into focus. You can provide information to your guests, or even use them as a digital invite if you are looking to save money on wedding costs!


If you are creative and want to make your own wedding website, The Knot has a fairly extensive web platform to do so.

The Knot provides a variety of templates and customization, as well as registry and guest list functionalities.

Building your own wedding website can be fun if you have the time, but can also be tiresome if you are busy with wedding planning or other life events.


Too busy to built a site yourself?

Hire a pro to do all the heavy lifting and get the site up in no time!

Hiring a pro will add more cost to the budget, but will also save you time in creating one yourself, and getting you the functionality you need.

With a wedding website you can see your wedding take shape before you and maintain a portal so guests stay well-informed and ready to help you celebrate!

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