Hiring a wedding videographer isn’t something that is on the top of a couple’s mind when they are planning their wedding. I am here to tell you, and not just because we do wedding videography, that this is a mistake.

I have a photographer, so why do I need a wedding videographer?

Capture your valentine's day proposalPhotography is great, don’t get me wrong.

Having beautiful photos of your wedding day is necessary to preserve precious wedding instances.

But what about what happens between those instances?

What about what was said, the laughing, the crying, the dancing?

You will be looking back at photos and wondering what was being said that made you laugh so much in that photo. That is where hiring a wedding videographer comes into play!

You are going to be busy and miss a lot on your wedding day, and a wedding videographer can capture those details for you so you can see them and enjoy them for years to come!

Brides especially miss out on a lot because not only are they hiding at the beginning of the ceremony, but they are also the center of attention (sorry grooms, it’s not you), and their attention is being pulled every which way all day. We wrote a little more on this in a past blog post.

Video Is Your Forever Memory

The bottom line is that having a living, breathing representation of your wedding day is invaluable.

You can enjoy it forever. Your kids who weren’t born yet, or may be too small to remember, can look back on the day fondly, and you can get copies to show people who weren’t able to make it, like a sick grandma or beloved aunt.

My parents lost their wedding tape when someone recorded over it.

Luckily, nowadays we have digital copies and backups in case such a thing happens. Videography is often cheaper than photography, and you will have this forever copy to see everyone laughing, dancing, and enjoying one of the greatest days of your life.

Plan out your wedding budget diligently, and don’t skimp on the wedding videographer category. You will be forever grateful that you didn’t.


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