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A Fun Day of Immense Pressure

This is something that we touched on in an earlier blog post about Murphy’s Law.

Your wedding is a huge event in your life.

It is a day that has been built up by society (and your grandma) as the most important day that you will ever experience.

So no pressure, right?

Close your eyes right now and take a deep breath. It will be okay.

Things go wrong. People will be late. Your makeup will run. A few guests will walk in late.

In my case, a button busted off of my vest and my pants split during pictures.

And guess what? I still had one of the best days of my life (my daughter has been born since), and the wedding still happened.

How to get through it all and know it will be okay?


All you can do is prepare and go with the flow. Make sure you have some type of emergency kit ready to go like we did.

You can buy one (HERE) or make your own. There are plenty of resources out there to learn how to do so.

We made our own kit, and it came in all kinds of handy for various things like my pants splitting.

Our Best Advice: Don’t forget why you are doing this.

You are probably not getting married to impress all of your guests, get rich, or have a big fancy day where everyone stares at you.

Those are PERKS of getting married, but should not be the main reason.

If those are the main reasons, you may want to rethink this whole thing.

What you need to do if you are panicking is remember why you are really getting married.

If it is to unite yourself with your partner in holy matrimony, which it should be, then at the end of the day, as long as you get married, everything else is cake (yes, delicious cake is another perk).

That’s it for Day #1. Join us tomorrow and find out how to get organized early!

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