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Want to Impress Wedding Reception Guests for Less? Do a Popcorn Bar!

If you are looking for a cheaper, and yet very popular, solution for reception treats for your wedding guests, then look no farther than a popcorn bar.

I was filming a wedding reception recently, and there was this awesome popcorn bar. It had been something the couple had wanted from the beginning, but they had to pull out some last minute measures to get it all together in time as their original plan fell through.

The couple was able to get one of their parents to go to the local movie theater to get some popcorn, and I believe they said they got two huge bags of pre-popped popcorn for under $20.

That mixed with some other goodies and simple decorations, and you have a very cheap snack that your guests will love.

What does a popcorn bar consist of?

Here is the breakdown.

Your Shopping List For The Popcorn Bar

The list below consists of what you will need to assemble your popcorn bar for your wedding reception. The items are also Amazon links (affiliate) if you want to link directly to a product that we think works for this purpose.

If you find a better solution anywhere online, or find that any of the links listed don’t work out well, let us know and we will update the list!

A Large Amount of Popcorn

Obviously you are going to need large amounts of popcorn to be able to feed your guests. As I said above, this can likely be obtained from your local theater for a cheap price, or you can buy your own and pop it yourself if you have time.

Containers to Hold Your Popcorn

These containers can be any kind of barrel or large basket that you can find. For the shopping list we have chosen some bushel baskets that should work well.

You will be lining the inside with a plastic sheet or bag anyways.

Popcorn Bags for Your Guests

Popcorn Bar BagsYour guests will need something to carry their popcorn in.

At the wedding that I filmed recently, the popcorn bar was stocked with simple plastic bags with the first letter of the couple’s last name stamped on the front.

This is an excellent way to be cheap and practical while still offering a unique flair!

Your Popcorn Bar Banner

Popcorn Bar Banner

You spent time and effort putting the popcorn bar together for your guests, why not show them its here with a unique sign?

Easily made with banner triangles, twine, a sharpie, and someone with good handwriting, the banner will pull the whole display together.

Check out a good popcorn banner on Amazon.

Seasonings for Different Tastes

Popcorn Bar Seasonings

You can easily get 4 different seasonings for under $20, and some dollar stores may even have them as well!

Providing different seasonings like nacho cheddar, kettle corn, butter, sour cream & onion, white cheddar, and cheesy caramel offers a great variety for your guests so their can customize their popcorn to taste!

You Can’t Forget The Candy

Popcorn Bar Candy

Thought you wanted a popcorn bar instead of a candy bar at your wedding?

You kind of get both.

Chocolate, candy, and popcorn has become a crowd favorite, so not including these sweet treats can be a major party foul.
*Popular mix-ins to include are M&M’s, peanuts, and if you have a fall wedding, candy corns.

How Did It Turn Out?

We would love to see pictures of your finished popcorn bar! Post them below in the comments!


Did you have a different snack at your wedding reception?

Post a picture of that with a little description, and we may write up a post on how to make an awesome reception snack bar, YOU STYLE!