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A Wedding On Fire

Be careful out there Brides and Grooms.

In recent wedding news, a wedding party bus caught fire as a wedding party was headed to their ceremony in Nashua, Iowa.

The article can be read on the Washington Post website HERE.

Do you know how this affected the couple and the wedding party?

They owned the incident like champs.

There are numerous photos of the bus fire and the wedding party in the article where the couple and their bridesmaids and groomsmen are out posing happily in front of the on-fire bus (except the bride does seem a little distraught if you look at her eyes instead of her smile).

The lesson here is not that this couple shouldn’t get married, but that they were able to overcome the incident with a smile. They now own some really unique and awesome wedding photos, and the wedding made national news!

How many people can say that about their wedding?

With that being said, no matter what happens on your wedding day, it is important to own your day. Roll with the punches and make sure to enjoy yourself at all costs.

Here are 3 quick tips to owning your wedding day


Everything That Can Go Wrong, Will Go Wrong

As we have written about before, Murphy’s Law is always at work, and that goes triple on your wedding day.

Despite that fact, or maybe in spite of the fact, that you have put so much planning and preparation into every detail of your day, some things are going to go wrong.

Does this mean that you should expect the worst on your wedding day?


It means that you should prepare for what you can think of, and roll with the rest as if it was planned that way.

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Every Incident Is A Story To Tell

Things Going Wrong On Your Wedding Day

I have filmed a wedding where the fire department had to show up, and it wasn’t just because the groom happened to be a firefighter.

There was a small kitchen fire at a local ball park where the wedding was being held. The fire was quickly contained, but the stadium still had to be evacuated and the fire department showed up to check the scene out.

The bride panicked for a couple of moments, and then owned the situation and posed for pictures next to the truck and with the firefighters. Now she has unique photos for her wedding album, and has a great story to tell.

My own wedding involved split pants, a busted vest button, goose poop, and crazy hot weather.

Every incident is a story that makes the day uniquely yours.

Log these moments in your memory instead of blocking them out.

Know What You Are Getting Married For

Own Your Wedding DayIn the end, know that your goal for the day is to have a good time, and that you are getting married to the love of your life.

With these things in mind, nothing else really matters.

Go with the flow.

Have fun.

Own your wedding day!


What disaster happened at your wedding, and how do you look back on it today?
Sound off in the comments below!

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