Murphy’s Law In Weddings

Murphy’s Law states that Anything that can go wrong, will go wrong.

This is certainly not something you want to hear on your wedding day.

Despite wanting everything to go absolutely perfect for your big day, things will go wrong. It is almost an inevitability. Your hair may not be exactly the way you pictured it, your picture poses may not be exactly what you envisioned, or you may even get behind on your day’s schedule.

What really matters is that at the end of the day, you are getting married. You have found someone that you love and are willing to dedicate your life to, and the little things that go wrong won’t really matter in the end.

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Murphy’s Law In Action

We have seen some things while filming weddings that would make brides cringe.

A grease fire started in one of the kitchens causing the fire alarm to go off while the bride was taking pictures before the ceremony. The fire department was sent over and everyone had to evacuate the building.

What did the bride do?

Got some sweet footage of herself standing by a fire truck!

There was another situation recently where there was a tornado in the area during the reception and everyone was forced to evacuate to a hallway downstairs.

What happened to the party?

Everyone went back upstairs after the drill and had a drink and some laughs discussing what had happened, and then everyone got back on the dance floor and partied even harder than before.

Reality Check

The reality is that things ARE going to go wrong on your big day, whether large issues or minor issues. The best thing you can do is just roll with it and try to be prepared.

In 10 years the events that seemed so terrible at the time will become part of the story and part of the legend that was your wedding day!

What is something that went wrong on your wedding day? Does it seem as horrible now? Sound off below!

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