The above image credit goes to Taco Bell.

There are many weird ways that you can get married, but this one really takes the cake. Except there is no cake, only tacos.

Yes, as the title of this post suggests, you can get married at Taco Bell in Las Vegas starting this summer (2017).

I suppose that this is slightly better than a drive-through Vegas wedding, because at least with this you have to go inside the building.

How do you get married at Taco Bell?

According to their article, all you have to do is get a marriage license and go to the counter to order the wedding. You are then directed to the chapel where an ordained minister will be able to marry you.

Price tag: $600.

Check out their commercial below:

Why Not Get Married At Taco Bell?

I would like to think you are better than that.

Sure, there is some nostalgia about returning to the place you and your significant other met or had your first date, but that shouldn’t be where you want to get married. You didn’t see my wedding happen in a movie theater or a Red Robin.

If you are seeking nostalgia, recreate your first date or meeting at some other time.

Don’t do your wedding toast with a Crunch Wrap Supreme.

I will admit that this Vegas Wedding is still a better solution than the couple I saw getting married on the sidewalk beside a bus behind a hotel with the bus driver as their officiant, but you should still strive for some place a little more scenic and meaningful.

Instead of getting married in a hum-drum location like a Taco Bell, why not try one of the below 5 options for unique experiences?

5 Places to Get Married That Are Cooler Than Taco Bell

So where should you get married for a unique wedding experience?

Check out these places.

While it is true that these option are more expensive alternatives, they will give you a better story than “We ordered a Doritos Loco taco and our dream wedding!”

Chicago’s First Lady

Instead of getting married on the balcony of a Vegas Taco Bell, why not take a beautiful cruise and get married on deck?

Chicago’s First Lady cruises allows you the choice of 3 vessels ranging from $880/hr to $1250/hr.

You get married on the upper deck and there is a dance floor, 2 full-service bars, and the views are gorgeous!

Georgia Aquarium

If boats aren’t your thing but you still like the water symbolism, then you can get married at the Georgia Aquarium!

Though no pricing is listed, it looks like they offer a variety of choices for wedding location.

You can get married surrounded by the fish in the aquarium, or you can get married IN the aquarium like these couples! This appears to be a special circumstance though, so you may need to do some convincing for them to do this type of wedding again.

Regardless of what you choose, there are plenty of opportunities for beautiful photo ops with the fishes.

Images by Georgia Aquarium.

TreeHouse Point

Water not really your thing?

Fancy yourself as more of an earthy type?

Well you can be surrounded by greenery when you get married as you take a step back to your younger days and get married in a Tree house.

TreeHouse Point is the perfect place to get married (or, according to the website, elope) if you want to get back to nature.

The maximum number of attendees that you can have at your wedding is only 80 though, so if you want to get married here, you had better plan on keeping it small.

Franklin Park Conservatory

Not too big on heights but love the greenery?

Then the Franklin Park Conservatory is the spot for you!

There are plenty of options for different areas of the conservatory to get married.

The Palm House looks the coolest to me, because you can get married among the palm fronds.

If you want to go rustic, they also have a modernized barn that looks pretty neat as well!

Marriage In The Sky

Marriage on Earth too boring?

Take to the skies with Dinner In The Sky’s Marriage In The Sky!

The platform can hold 20 guests, so again for small weddings only.

Floating platform still not enough? According to their video, they also have bungee jumping for the newlywed couple who likes to live on the edge.

All-in-all, not only are there good reasons to not get married at a Taco Bell, there are also a lot better locations to create lasting memories and a unique experience.

Maybe you don’t agree?

We would love to hear what you think of the idea of getting married in a Taco Bell in the comments below.

Also give a shout out to other cool locations to get married!