Wedding Video is Worth the Price

This was a quote from a bride whose wedding I filmed last weekend.

She told me how happy she was that she had hired us, because as a bride you miss the entire beginning of the ceremony as you are hiding and waiting to make your grand entrance.

You also get a chance to leave a message for your significant other as we interview them before the wedding.

The day goes a lot faster than you think, and having these memories on camera will be priceless later on.

Think of What You May Miss

Being the bride, you are going to be super busy talking to guests and participating in the wedding ceremony and reception events, you are likely to miss a lot.

Having someone filming your wedding allows you to take time and enjoy these pieces that you missed later.

One thing that I know I am glad to see on my wedding video is footage of my late grandfather. It is nice seeing that he was there enjoying my wedding day.

Another thing you get to relive is the actual dancing of you reception dances, instead of just still images.

Just like the bride who gave us this quote, she would not have had a YouTube smash hit had we not recorded the video.

Is there something you regret missing out on for your wedding day?

Something you are grateful you had on video?

Sound off in the comments below!