5 Reasons to NOT Get Married on a Holiday

Let’s discuss.

It may seem like a fun idea to get married on a holiday. We are not talking about “If Pets Had Thumbs Day” (March 3rd). We are talking about getting married on a major holiday that people care about, like the 4th of July, Thanksgiving, New Year’s Eve/Day or Christmas Eve/Day.

What would make you want to get married on a holiday? Why not double up on the celebration! It seems like a fun idea to get married when there are fireworks in the sky, love in the air, and presents already being passed around. Everyone is already celebrating, so your wedding seems like that much more of a major event each year. Sounds like a great party! Right?

I would have to disagree here. Want to know why?

Here is the Rehash Weddings 5 Reasons to NOT Get Married on a Holiday:

You will not have as good of a turnout

Do you think you are more important than your close friends and family’s plans and traditions for a holiday? Think again.

Sure, you are likely to get your close relatives and friends to show up for your holiday wedding, but everyone else is likely to want to stick to their own plans they usually keep for the holiday. 2nd cousin Marshall may show up with a $100 check on your June 25th wedding, but if you intrude on his Thanksgiving shuffleboard tournament, you’ve got another thing coming.

No one wants to be stuck at a reception on New Year’s Eve waiting for you to get off a party bus and grace them with your presence. People want to be having their own fun and celebrations.

Anniversary parties will be a nightmare to plan

Think it will be hard to get people to show up to your wedding? Try getting people to show up to your 10th anniversary party on July 4th. You will either have to plan it on a different day around that time, or accept the fact that your only attendees will be your grandma and your clingy sister.

The act of marriage may draw some more people to your party on your wedding day, but people are not going to give up their holiday because you have been intruding on their celebrations for 10 years.

It may offend people

Certain days are reserved for certain celebrations, and some people may become angry and think that you feel you are more important than the meaning of the holiday itself.

Jesus’ birthday? Not anymore! It’s my wedding day because “Me, ME, MEEEE!”

And not only may people be mad, but if you have your wedding around the Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year’s season, guests will be more strapped for cash and less likely to be as giving to your holy matrimony.

Not a very good way to score good gifts or money to your favorite charity if you are going that route..

It will be hard to find a venue and staff

Rehash Media does not film on holidays. I have seen people on swap sites searching long periods of time for a photographer or videographer that works holidays. I can only imagine that a lot of good venues are booked for holiday parties and family reunions also.

If you do score the venue and staff you are looking for, you are likely going to pay a premium for taking up the staff’s day that would otherwise be a day of rest for them.

People want to spend time with their friends and families on the holidays, and workers are no different. Make it easier on yourself and plan for a meaningful day at some other time of year. You will have less of a planning headache for it.

Why combine celebrations?

This is probably the biggest reason to NOT have your wedding on a holiday.

With already having to endure what seem like endless workdays and other monotonous and mundane life events, why would you even WANT to double up on your celebrations?

Have your wedding on a day that is not already claimed by another celebration. This way there is something fun and exciting to look forward to on a different day of the year.

With your wedding on a holiday, you are confused as to what presents means what, and may even get presents that double for both. Family and friends will forget to call you or even acknowledge your wedding anniversary. You will instill your life with confusion, remorse, and miss out on a chance to have another day to celebrate each year! Pick your own day and make it your own!

We’ve had a good time so far picking on some obvious points against why not to have a wedding on a holiday, and we hope that we have not offended anyone. The point is that having your wedding on a holiday isn’t the best idea for anyone.

Why not make your own day to celebrate? Don’t steal the thunder of an otherwise good holiday. Carve out your own day to break up your everyday life and celebrate! Happy YOU Day!