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If you are a Harry Potter Superfan, odds are you may be thinking about having a Harry Potter themed wedding. First I must congratulate you on your decision, because you are sticking by what you love and inviting magic into your marriage.
Second, you are probably wondering what types of things you can get to really bring your Harry Potter wedding together into the magical experience you see in your mind. This is why I have created this list of Harry Potter wedding items and links to help get your started on your magical journey of matrimony!
Now if you solemnly swear you are up to no good, keep reading!

The Perfect Items For Your Harry Potter Themed Wedding

Invitations & Party Favors

Before your wedding even begins, you are going to need some things to get prepared. Here are some items you can use as party favors, and one that will help you send out special invites.

Your Hogwarts Seal Stamp

The Hogwarts Wax Seal Stamp is a must-have for your invitations. This kit comes with everything you need, including wax, candles to melt the wax, a spoon to hold the wax while melting it, and of course the stamp! Send out your invitations in Harry Potter style!

Lightning Bolt Tattoos

Gathering up your Harry Potter party favors is one of the fun planning tasks you get to complete! These Scar Tattoos are sure to help get your guests into the spirit of the day! You may want to look into the third party favor we have listed below if you don’t want a bunch of Harry Potters running around your wedding.

Harry Potter Glasses

Another wedding favor for your guests that will have a bunch of Harry Potters running around your wedding. A lot of people will love being able to be Harry, so you may want a combination of these glasses and the Lightning Bolt Scar Tattoos!

Broom Pens

You can either get these as party favors, or just to have people sign your guestbook with! Either way these broom pens are sure to be a hit! And using these as party favors will give people something to remember your wedding while they work!


While you still probably want to wear a wedding dress, there are still ways to Harry Potter-ize your wedding wear. Here are some items for before and during your wedding festivities.

From Muggle to Mrs. Shirt

Why wait until your wedding day to show your Harry Potter love? Dress up in this Muggle to Mrs. shirt for your bachelorette party and show the world how awesome your wedding is going to be! Plus we love the allusion to love being magical and marriage graduating you from muggle to Witch.

Maid of Honor Harry Potter Tank

During your bachelorette party, your maid of honor needs to be able to roll with you in the right way. Get her a Maid-of-Honor tank top that also shows her Harry Potter spirit!

Gryffindor Garter Set

Now we are getting down to the wedding! What better way to show your Harry Potter spirit to your significant other than to have a Gryffindor Garter waiting for him when he goes to retrieve it at the reception? The only problem is, he may not want to throw it to the crowd, and keep it instead.

Adult Wizard Robes

Ready to go all out? Ditch the tux and wear these adult-sized wizarding robes for your wedding. It will be a nice change of pace to the tux that is worn at every other wedding. Plus you get to skip out on the expensive rental!

Harry Potter Wand

If you are getting the Harry Potter robes to wear to your wedding, you may as well get the wand to go with it. You are saving money on a tux rental anyways, and it will look great in the pictures!

Hermione Granger Wand

If the groom has a wand, the bride sure as heck better have one too! I know that Harry and Hermione didn’t get together in the books, but she was still a kick-ass main character, so why not have the wand of the best? Plus if you both have wands your photographer can Photoshop some cool duel pics!

Wedding Rings

Here are a couple cheap(ish) Harry Potter themed rings that would work great for a wedding! Odds are that they will not be your main rings (maybe for the groom), but it may be a nice supplemental ring next to your diamond ring.

Ceremony & Reception

Even though the rest of  this article involves items that are for your ceremony and reception, we wanted to pull out a few specific items to highlight before we got into the decorations and food.

Harry Potter Handfasting Cord

This handfasting cord is perfect for your ceremony. Not only will you be bound to your partner during the handfasting unity ceremony, but you will also be bringing your love for Harry Potter into your marriage and the rest of your lives. You can also use this in an Unbreakable Vow ceremony, which can be performed by the officiant!
If you are interested in reading about other Unity Ceremonies, be sure to check out our article on other types of ceremonies HERE. You can also see if you can put a Harry Potter spin on them as well!

“Always” Cake Topper

I’m not sure if it is even possible to have a Harry Potter wedding without having something that says “Always” on it. This simple word is one of the most powerful lines of the entire Harry Potter series, revealing the biggest plot twist and encapsulating the true meaning of love and sacrifice. This cake topper will be a good addition to your reception, showing your true love for each other.

Wizard Castle Photo Booth Props

A lot of the fun of a Harry Potter wedding will be getting your guests in on the magic. By having a photo guest book, you can supply your guests with these cool (unofficial) Harry Potter photo booth props. That way they can take Harry-themed pictures, add them to your book, and you can look at your book anytime and see how much fun people had escaping to the magical world of Harry Potter!


In this section we will show you a few must-haves for decorations. You have to have a magical setting to really get yourselves and guests into the spirit of Harry Potter!

Hogwarts Wall Banner

If I were having a Harry Potter wedding (although my wife wouldn’t let me), I would hang a Hogwarts banner behind the head table. You could also get the banner of your favorite house to display behind you. Either way, it would nicely mark the head table for your reception.

Harry Potter Book Bouquet

If your heart can stand to have Harry Potter books ripped, bent, and folded, but you are still a superfan, then this is the bridal bouquet for you! This bouquet is made with genuine pages from Harry Potter books, so you will be able to keep the words of Harry Potter close to your heart. Unless you throw the bouquet at the reception, but odds are that you won’t want to.
If you are crafty and want to save a bit of money, check out this link on HOW TO MAKE YOUR OWN BOOK BOUQUET!

Floating Candles

Your reception hall will not be as great as the Great Hall without floating candles! These candles have LED lights, and you can hang them from the ceiling with wire. If you reception has low lighting, it will appear that you have floating candles!
Again, if you are feeling crafty and want to save some money, here is a tutorial on how to create your own HARRY POTTER FLOATING CANDLES!

Food & Drink

The Harry Potter books were rich in magical and wonderful foods and drinks, and so too should your wedding be! With that said, check out some of these items and links that are sure to make your reception a magical feast to remember!

Bertie Botts Every Flavor Beans

Having a candy bar at your Harry Potter wedding? Then you need Bertie Botts Every Flavor Beans! As you can see on the right here they can get a little pricey if you want the real stuff, so I also included a link to the generic Jelly Belly knockoff (which Jelly Belly also makes Bertie Botts, so they really just knocked off of themselves), which is much cheaper.

Gummi Slugs

If you are having a candy bar, you need more than 1 type of candy! Enter the Bertie Botts Gummi Slugs! Another favorite from Bertie Botts that will help round out your candy bar while sticking to your theme!

Chocolate Frogs

Chocolate Frogs can be used to top off your candy bar, or could also be used as the main dessert if you are just having a small cake for cutting. I would love to attend a wedding with platters of Chocolate Frogs as the main dessert! Unless they all spring to life like in the movie. That would be horrifying.
Chocolate Frogs are insanely expensive (like $20 each with a wizarding card, my guess being that they were only made in a limited run). My suggestion would be to use these molds and make your own!


Butterbeer is the magical drink that Harry always enjoyed at The Three Broomsticks (as I’m sure you know, since you are here planning a Harry Potter wedding!), and no good Harry Potter wedding would be complete without it! That being said, it is another item that is rather pricey, so unless your local brewery has some weird specialty in making it, I would suggest making your own via ONE OF THESE RECIPES.

Harry Potter Baking Cups

Staying in the DIY spirit, you can also use these baking cups and flags to make Harry Potter cupcakes. This would also be a good alternative to just serving cake. This way everyone gets their own little decorative piece of Harry Potter with their dessert! Cake mix is fairly cheap, and this set of baking cups comes with 100!

“Always” Champagne Flutes

If you’re not going to go with the “Always” cake topper, you have to at least get the “Always” Champagne Flutes. They go together by adding the “After all this time?” line to one of the glasses, and the “Always” to the second. This complete line brings you and your spouse together in a powerful message of eternal love. Hopefully with a better fate than Lily and Snape.

Harry Potter Napkins, Plates, and Cups

To round out your party snacks, desserts, and decorations, I would suggest a good ol’ set of Harry Potter plates, cups, and napkins. These will be perfect for cake, or whatever other dessert you chose to spoil your guests with. Although these are not specifically Harry Potter brand, they get the point across.
I hope that you have enjoyed looking through this list, and that you have gotten some great ideas (or purchases) from doing so! If you know of any other Harry Potter wedding items (on Amazon or not), let me know in the comments below, and I will look into adding them to the list!