UPDATE 6/4/18:

This video is now over 600k YouTube hits! While we still get negative comments, the response has been overwhelmingly positive! Thanks for your support of this video and our work!

We wanted to take a moment to celebrate one of our YouTube videos reaching over 250K views!

It is our Dear Future Husband Wedding Dance Video!

Our Awesome Dear Future Husband Wedding Dance Video


Thanks for taking the time to view the video, and celebrating our first video to top 250K views on YouTube!
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Just a Normal Wedding Dance Video?

People love to watch wedding videos on YouTube.

Particularly dance videos.

Since Dear Future Husband has recently hit popularity on the radio, this video took off and got a ton of views fast!

This was a decent-sized wedding with lots of cheering fans for the brides special dance.

The husband had surprised the wife with a ring upgrade (a BIG ring upgrade) and she had this dance prepared for him. It was a wedding of fun surprises!

Time in the Spotlight on Littlethings.com

The video had a brief moment of fame when it was featured on Littlethings.com.

One of their writers emailed me and asked for some details on the video and if they could write an article about it.

We couldn’t say no!

The full article can be read by CLICKING HERE.

YouTube Response for the Video

There have been plenty of hate comments on the video on YouTube, but what great video doesn’t get a little hate now and then? Some of the hate is directed at Meghan Trainor. Some is at the dancing. Still some other negativity is directed at the little girl in the scene.

Hating on children?

Come on people!

The overall response has been overwhelmingly positive. We currently have 261,956 views as of this posting, and 965 Likes and only 96 dislikes. Almost 91% positive.

Can’t argue with that!

People love Meghan Trainor, and people love the bride’s dress and the dance! Ready to see for yourself?