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Something Useful for the Engaged Couple

Have an engaged couple on your Christmas list that are getting married next year?

You might want to consider getting them something to help out with their wedding.

If your couple is anything like me and my wife were at that stage, having to foot a good portion of the bill and on a tight budget, getting them something that they don’t have to buy themselves may just make their holiday season bright.

The tricky part is finding something that is useful, but not something so personal that they will be angry you are trying to do it for them (a.k.a. no picking out your favorite wedding dress for the bride).

With all that said, here are our Top 10 Christmas gifts for people getting married.

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#10 – Wedding Cake Serving Set

Often something that is overlooked, the wedding cake serving set is vital to complete one of the main events at the wedding reception– cutting the cake! While this is not a particularly expensive item, it is still nice to have this $30 expense taken care of through a generous gift from someone else.

If you don’t want to buy from Amazon, these are often found on Wedding Swap pages on Facebook. Just search for a Wedding Swap page in the search bar on Facebook and ask to join a group. Cake serving sets are posted on there all of the time, because honestly, what are you ever going to do with it after the wedding? I don’t know about you, but I don’t need to be eating cake on a frequent basis.

Just make sure that you get a set that looks somewhat fancy, because cameras will be flashing and video will be rolling, and you want your engaged couple to look nice and elegant before they smash cake into each others faces.

#9 – Bubbles

Yes, rice is out.

It is bad for the birds.

And I really don’t think newlyweds really want bird seed being thrown in their face.

Bubbles are the “IN” thing for celebrating the couple as they exit the wedding venue, and is a staple to most wedding that we film.

Plus kids and adults alike like to blow bubbles and watch them fly away. The scene it creates also makes for some cool camera shots.

Grabbing a couple of these cheap packs of bubble wands is sure to make the couple happy as they picture themselves surrounded by family and friends… and a ton of bubbles.

#8 – Reserved Table Signs

You don’t always need table markers for your reception, especially if you are going to have open seating, but you are still going to want reserved signs for your parents and grandparents to be close to the action.

Buying some of these signs will check an item off the couple’s wedding list, and let them move on to other planning details.

#7 – Bridal Shower Invitations

Bridal Shower invitations.

Not Save-the-Dates, and not Wedding invitations.

These latter two are more personal and need to fit the design of the couple. Bridal Shower invitations are less personal, and will get the couple thinking about all of the excellent gifts they will be getting next year.

These are the handwritten type, which may cause a little extra time and effort for your couple, so it may be better to get them a gift card to a place that can make custom ones.

#6 – Custom Cake Topper

Getting a little more personal, but still leaving most of the details to the couple, custom cake toppers are something that I see at a lot of weddings.

They usually have the couple’s last initial, or something a little more personal with the full name, such as this one.

Either that or the topper with the bride dragging the groom to the alter.

Always a classic.

#5 – Thank You Cards

The couple will have to be thanking people for everything that they receive at the bridal shower and at the wedding.

Thank you cards are the standard way to accomplish this, and as such, the couple will need a lot of thank you cards to be able to send out to people.

Thank yous are less about the decoration of the card and more about the thought behind the message inside, so the design is less personal, and these cards will make a great gift for the couple.

#4 – Address Stamp

Save-the-Dates, Bridal Shower Invitations, Wedding Invitations, Thanks-Yous.

All things that take a lot of time and effort on behalf of the couple, who are already short of time.

Buying them a customized address stamp will save a lot of time and hand cramps when they have to complete some of these monotonous, and sometimes strenuous tasks.

Plus, it is something they can continue to use as a married couple after the wedding!

#3 – Wedding Emergency Kit

Don’t leave home on your wedding day without one!

A Wedding Emergency Kit is something that may be overlooked in the wedding planning, but is vital to a successful day.

Items inside may include tissues, hygiene products, a sewing kit (a button busted off of my vest and my pants split on my wedding day. Thank goodness we had the sewing kit!), extra makeup, scissors, lotion, medicine, bobby pins, or breath mints.

You should also tailor your kit to your situation. Someone in the wedding party diabetic? Pack a piece of candy in the bag in case there is a blood sugar drop on your big day.

You can buy a kit like the one we have listed here and add to it, or make your own from scratch. Either way, this is a gift that the couple will love you for.

If you are crafty you can even make a personalized carrying case!

#2 – Stamps

Akin to #4 on the list, the couple will be sending out a TON of mail in order to get their wedding off the ground.

I remember for my wedding I was already really anxious about having to spend money on everything else, that when it was time to mail things, stamps were another big expense that I hadn’t even thought about, adding to my overall anxiety when the realization dawned on me that I would need to spend over $100 to send out invitations that had already cost a lot.

Buying a roll or two of 100 stamps as we have listed here is sure to seem like an odd Christmas gift at first, but something that the couple will surely thank you for later!

#1 –Wedding Planning Book

How to get your wedding off on the right foot?

Make a plan!

Haven’t been married before?

Buy a plan!

Tackling the planning of a wedding can be daunting. It is arguably one of the biggest days of your life, and you feel as though missing one little detail can send the whole day spiraling down into dark oblivion and ruin.

Alleviate some of your couple’s stress by getting them a thorough guidebook that will show them everything they will need to get from Christmas to wedding day without a hitch!

We haven’t read the guide that we have featured here, but we did do a giveaway with this item before, and we received 500 entries and gave away two prizes in ten minutes. This is a highly reviewed item on Amazon, and is sure to help the engaged couple in your life on their way to the successful wedding of their dreams!

Got any more ideas on what other items would be good for engaged couples for Christmas?

Sound off in the comments below!